T/HERE at The Gallery, Camp and Furnace by Sinead Nunes

web-flyer_small-300x200The Gallery at Camp and Furnace presents a unique and thought-provoking exhibition entitled ‘T/HERE’ which features the work of a group of photographers, nicely coinciding with the LOOK/13 festival that is coming up at venues across the city.

T/HERE is a collection of photographs taken by 3 distinctly unique groups of people: professional photographers with no form of disability, the visually or audibly impaired, and those with autism or a form of Asperger Syndrome. This is an interesting concept for an exhibition, as it immediately leads us to question the reasoning behind it. Would an artist with an impairment produce work drastically different to an able bodied individual? Would a person with autism use the camera differently to someone who cannot hear?

I dove into this exhibition not knowing what to expect, and discovered some interesting images which provoked debate as to who may have produced them. This was a challenge, and not to be taken lightly. The exhibition was laid out to include a series of themes through which each artist worked over the course of a week.

My favourite sections were ‘Own/ Private Space’ and ‘I am Alone Amongst People’ which provided very telling images and an insight into how the artists see themselves in relation to others. I found the use of black and white was very effective considering the complex themes, as it simplified the messages of the images. I also loved how the photographs managed to collect together so many contrasting views of our city, from the beauty and grandeur of the Cathedral, to the loneliness of Antony Gormley to the embarrassment of the waste sites at the docks.

The comments sheet at the end of the exhibition was exceedingly useful, and really makes visitors ponder what they have seen and think about the ways in which other individuals see the world around them. I would highly recommend a trip to Greenland Street to see this – but be quick, it ends this week!