Scream You’re in an Art Exhibition: Andy at The Monro

Markus Kahre & Andy

What an amazing way to start my volunteering experience at the Biennial, to be at an exhibition where people literally screamed. I’ve got say I felt really at home there and enjoyed everyone coming through.

I arrived early and came in at the same time as of one the artists, Markus Kahre, a tall handsome artist from Helsinki, Finland. He showed me how to switch on the various lights and although I had been told what to expect I was amazed by what I saw. He kindly let me have my photograph taken with him. I’m not going to go into any detail about his work as I think the best way to see it is to come in as an Unexpected Guest. Suffice to say, everyone who came in to see the space thoroughly enjoyed the experience, including a dad with a group of children. It was great seeing people’s responses, including screams, as well as meeting a wide range of people. One of the local craftsmen who helped construct the artwork came in and he was proud of what he had helped to create and brought his partner, whom I guess would not normally visit an art exhibition.

Dane Micthell

There is another room with work by Dane Mitchell which includes the wall paper and a series of glass vessels which had Liverpool ghost stories spoken into them while they were being blown. In here is an exquisite work by Janine Antoni that features a silver spoon, the inside of her mouth and the inside of her mother’s hand. During the course of the afternoon it made me think of many things; the relationship between mother and child, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth and how an ordinary object can be made extraordinary.

I’m there again tomorrow, Sunday and looking forward to it!

I would say this is well worth a visit and I know that the Biennial are still looking for volunteers and this is definitely a great place to volunteer.

See this link if you would like to volunteer –


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