Review: #Threeform at Editions

An exhibition by Pauline Hughes, Jo Sweeting, Naomi Munuo

Naomi Munou, Jo Sweeting and Pauline Hughes
Naomi Munou, Jo Sweeting and Pauline Hughes

#Threeform: Pauline Hughes, Jo Sweeting, Naomi Munuo
Editions Ltd 24 June – 23 July 2016, 9:30-17:30

Words by Carol Emmas
Photographs provided by Editions Ltd

Twitter hasn’t had the best press recently due to a widely held opinion it has been fundamentally spoiled from too many users and abusers. Yet, there are still heartwarming examples that remind us in essence what is good about the social media site and how it was meant to work positively for us. One such story is of how three artists met after a mutual Twitter love-in and decided to bring their work together as a collective. Pauline Hughes, Jo Sweeting, and Naomi Munuo, began following each other on the site because they not only liked each other’s work but recognised similarities in form and style.

It wasn’t long before they suggested they meet at the Tate Modern and #Threeform was born. As a result, they decided to put a three-way exhibition together in each of their hometowns, with the first stop Liverpool.

It’s easy to see why these women came together, as although each artist’s work is very different, it also carries so seamlessly. Particularly Hughes and Munuo whose cubist style of ceramics and painting could have been produced by the same hand working cross-media, with Sweeting’s work being more ephemeral and fleeting, tapping into the consciousness and memory of the other two artists, even though her works are mainly carved from the more concrete medium of stone.

Sweeting’s work is based on the concept of ‘Shul’, which is the leaving or passing impression of a moment in time; an intangible thought; a brief snapshot; a transitory reflection. Hughes’s ceramic heads seem to take us into an exploration of the depths of the soul, while Munuo’s bold, figurative paintings join with the philosophical to breathe technicolour life into the mix.

Editions Ltd is the perfect space to bring these three thoughtful and complementary artists’ works together through quiet tranquility, as they warrant reflection. Plus, when viewing art such as this, it’s always about trying to capture the ever-elusive story, isn’t it?

June 24, 2016. – July 23, 2016.