Review: David Holmes, Werewolf in a Jetpack

Review: David Holmes, Werewolf in a Jetpack
Huyton Gallery,
until 28th October

Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith

Huyton Gallery proves that libraries and fine art go perfectly hand in hand, and the current exhibition is the embodiment of why. Werewolf in a Jetpack by David Holmes is an exhibition to get completely lost in, whatever your age you can enjoy the humanity in the surreal images, and get completely lost in your own world.

I’ve been to see this exhibition three times, and I find a new story every time (I have to admit that it’s also my local library, so I have other reasons for being there, but I can’t resist the detour into the gallery for this show). You know those daydreams where you snap out of it wondering how on earth your mind took you where it did… That’s what this exhibition does.

Walking in I keep finding myself hit by this wall of my own imagination. I think it’s because David Holmes’ work is so relatable, or implies that maybe the artist himself is relatable. I’m not sure, maybe it’s both, but the work fits its setting perfectly. My mind doesn’t always take me to 80s film references, but there’s a freedom to have fun in these digital paintings that transcends their subject, and partly I think that’s down to how they’re created.

Painstakingly draw out digitally and worked and reworked, it’s a technique that we’re all used to, and one which is often met with negativity. But digital drawing is, in my experience, just as difficult as hand drafting, and both are equally challenging when it comes to expressing your own artistic enjoyment in the work you produce.


David Holmes has put together an exhibition that will transport you into your own imagination, and while Huyton Library might not be your first stop on a culture tour of the city, it’s worth discovering this brilliant space while this exhibition is on.

David Holmes, Werewolf in a Jetpack at Huyton Gallery
David Holmes, Werewolf in a Jetpack at Huyton Gallery