Monday, December 4, 2023
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Review: Ali Hunter’s Quarinteriors at Egg Cafe

Review: Ali Hunter’s Quarinteriors at Egg Cafe

Words, Kathryn Wainwright

In something of a departure from Ali Hunter’s usual work, Quarinteriors, drain the usual colour from her work to share a series of new drawings focussed almost entirely on structure.

Interior design has been on pretty much everyone’s mind over the last two years. Whether you’ve been shifting sofas around, or knocking down walls, our homes have changed because they had to. Ali Hunter’s Quarinteriors addresses these shifting uses of our living space, with a new portfolio of line drawings sharing anonymous homes.

The titles say as much about the works as any; Dream Office; A Bit of Daylight; Table For One. It’s essentially a Pinterest board of day dreams, reminding us what we want our homes to be. A sort of Expectations vs Reality, but without the reality.

The line drawings are flanked by botanical illustrations, labelled in Latin, but it’s the relationship between these drawings and the homes in the main series which is more interesting than any of the individual work, and continues the scrapbook presentation of the exhibition/collection.

Almost every interior drawing has plants. Partly, I assume, because most interiors do now, and partly because the artist has that familiar obsession with plants that brings life to our homes.

It’s such a treat to be back in Egg for this exhibition, not just because the show itself is great, but because it’s been so long since Egg have programmed exhibitions liked this – and because an exhibition like this makes total sense here, in a café that feels like home.

Words, Kathryn Wainwright
Images, Art in Liverpool
Quarinteriors continues at Egg Cafe until 21st November