Review: A Different Way of Seeing

Review: A Different Way of Seeing,
at 92 Degrees Coffee:

Words, Sophia Charuhas

It takes an intrepid artist to make a traditional still life subject into a spectacle that is new or unfamiliar. The collage artists who created A Different Way of Seeing did just that.

Under the tutelage of Khatuna Dadiani-Taylor, six local artists contributed collage pieces of subjects around Liverpool, nature, and still life. The works currently hang in 92 Degrees Coffee and Roastery- Liverpool’s first combined coffee shop and micro roastery – a fitting abode for these edgy and colorful art works.

Wandering slowly around the coffee shop, chai latte in hand and quiet guitar pop playing in the background, I studied each of the pieces and the word psychedelic kept coming to the front of my mind. I saw a rhinoceros formed out of what I believe to be a cutout image of racehorses, and a house cat made at least partly out of images of diamonds. A teapot sitting in a garden with a mushroom looked to me the sort of thing that Lewis Carol might have used for writing inspiration. Several artists chose the Superlambanana or other well-known sites around Liverpool as a muse, giving the exhibit a decidedly local feel. Looking around the room one sees animals, fruits, people, buildings, and some collages that I have to admit left me scratching my head.

Another word that came to mind as I perused the exhibition was bold. The colors, textures, and overall feel of the artwork was bold and energetic. This makes for a subtle contrast to the overall neutral-toned, relaxed feeling of the coffee lounge. A coffee roastery seems to me to be the perfect place to hang such art; it is not the sort of thing one would go to a museum or gallery to see, but rather enjoy as the backdrop to an afternoon of reading or chatting or simply savoring a good drink.

The artists, Waltraud Boxhall, Becky Calrow, Linda Hillard, Brian McMinn and Charlotte Pulman, and Khatuna Dadiani-Taylor herself, each contributed four pieces to the exhibition. I have a little experience with collage creation myself, and I know that it can be an involved process that takes a good deal of time and energy. If these artists have started out in the medium of watercolor, they have definitely branched out, and quite successfully. It is definitely worth a visit before it closes February 15th. 92 Degrees is open every day.

Words, Sophia Charuhas