‘Pre-paid 2013’ at The Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool Hope University

Pre-paid-logo-2013-300x273Review by Rachel Tillett

‘Pre-paid 2013’ is The Cornerstone Gallery’s bi-annual charity postcard exhibition and blind auction. Funds raised go towards The Artists’ Benevolent Institution (AGBI) and Global Hope. Names of the artists and designers that created them are not attached to the postcard which gives the exhibition an investigative and participatory factor for the audience. The exhibition contains a prominent piece by an influential artist of our time. With this in mind the auction night is sure to go down successfully, with a great opportunity to acquire a piece of artwork by a significant artist of this period.

There are over 80 postcards inside the collection. Within the exhibition, there is a variety of medias used such as photography, paintings, drawing, prints and even 3D postcards.  The postcards capture many social and political issues amongst society but also display a wide diversity of artistic technique and styles.

A postcard which caught my eye was number 74, ‘Limes’ which depicts a still life study of a pair of limes. The oil on paper study is bright and vibrant with the lime green being a striking contrast against the brown and black background. The foreshortening of the limes is portrayed well with the use of shadow, tone and form. The painting is reminiscent of Cezanne’s apple studies, although this postcard variation on the classic still life gives it a contemporary and modern twist.

Some postcards are humorous, such as ‘Moaner Lisa’ , which represents Mona Lisa with a cartoon style speech bubble complaining about the conditions of her still life pose in modern day slang, ‘the studios freezin’, me back heerts’. The postcard is a collage design which shows two eras completely contrasting against each other. The beauty of Mona Lisa plays juxtaposition with the unsightly garish speech bubble, however, personally this is what I believe makes this piece interesting. The speech bubble is giving Mona Lisa a voice and opinion, which the original study never did. The postcard gives an innovative and comical take on the painting many of us know so well.

The exhibition offers a wide variety of art for all, there is something for everyone. I have no doubt that the auction night will be a huge success and a lot of fun. The exciting event is one not to be missed and a great occasion to purchase a piece of work by a prominent artist of our time.