Mark Leckey’s The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things as seen by Kayleigh Davies

The Bluecoat offers up a quirky take on the inter-connected lives we all live, with Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey playing the role of curator. The opening evening was a bustling event with a full house and eager guests.

The guardian of the exhibition, the beloved Felix, is an interesting starting point for the show as his cartoon, fun aspects are obvious to all and set the tone for the light-hearted exhibition. The way in which the piece manipulates the space of the Vide, however, hints at a deeper meaning – reminiscent of the entire showcase.

The main galleries are bolder than usual, displaying bright colours that work well to create a fun aspect to the show yet do not over-shadow the work itself. The selected objects promote a dialogue between each of the works, which is unique for every guest. Leckey, as curator allows a spider’s web of connections to evolve between objects, works, galleries and themes as the displays provide something for everyone in terms of video, objects, classic art and installation.

The show is running until April 14th and hosts artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Richard Hamilton, James Rosenquist and William Blake… definitely not to be missed!