Liverpool Happy Hookers Guerilla Crochet, by Sinead Nunes

I stumbled across an example of ‘guerilla crochet’ today as I wandered around Liverpool city centre, and I think it is absolutely fantastic.

Normally, society looks upon graffiti as destructive and anti-social, but a new wave of guerilla artists are encouraging us to see street art in a new way, by using inoffensive tools such as wool which we associate with grandmas – not ASBO youths. Recently I have read about ‘guerilla gardening’ and ‘guerilla knitting’ sweeping the nation, and it seems that ever since New York artist Olek knitted head to toe body-suits for Antony Gormley’s iron men, (among other objects such as taxis and a grand piano) a new trend has begun.

The idea of adorning street lamps and posts with handmade art is an inspired idea, and really adds colour and a sense of community to the area when one considers the time, care and love that went into creating such pieces.

Liverpool Happy Hookers meet up regularly to discuss and share crafts skills such as knitting and crochet, and this is just one of many arts projects that they have been responsible for…and I love it!