Exploring The Catacombs of St George’s Hall

DSC_0201Words and Images by Sinead Nunes, Editor

For a limited time only, St George’s Hall has uncovered its vast catacombs and opened them up to the eyes of the public! Cordially invited to take the first look, Art in Liverpool delved into the depths of the iconic Liverpool structure, camera and notepad in hand.

For this special event, St George’s Hall teamed up with LoveHistory to present tales from the catacombs, with an educational evening for all in attendance.

In a promenade performance style, we were guided by a team of actors around the secret passageways of this great building. Our tour guides ranged from Victorian eccentrics to infamous Liverpudlian criminals, who recalled chilling tales of murder and corruption as we shivered our way through the dark tunnels and dimly lit court rooms.

DSC_0180LoveHistory specialise in Liverpool-themed historical theatre, and the whole cast are exemplary at what they do. My favourite characters were the Black Widows (Catherine Flannagan and Magaret Higgins), whose fascinating true stories, and engaging performances really brought the historical tour to life. With the rest of the actors taking on the guise of the hall’s architect Harvey Lonsdale Elmes and a variety of other infamous scouse outlaws, we learnt a lot about local history.

Our guides were prepared with plenty of morbid facts to send a shiver down the spine as we explored the darkest corners of the catacombs, which have not been open to the public for 160 years.

This is an amazing opportunity not to be missed, so and there are only 2 more days left to explore the Catacombs. You can book tickets now at www.ticketquarter.co.uk or on 0844 800 0410.

And look out for more LoveHistory events at lovehistory.co.uk ….you won’t be disappointed.