Done / Undone: Liz Jeary’s Exhibition Revealed

Words by Neil Murphy

Nestled between two well-known retail monoliths at Marine Point, on New Brighton’s sea front is Unit 13. The unit is a vacant plot being used as a temporary art space, and for this exhibition photographer Liz Jeary turned the smallest of spaces into a place to showcase her work.

Jeary’s photographic images vary from those subtly manipulated using differing layering techniques, to striking photographic montages. Parts of her work have been painstakingly stitched, using a wealth of embroidery techniques to transform and give a whole new complexity to the photographs, whilst others are rendered as fine art objects.

Of her work, Jeary says “Some of the works exhibited are DONE. They are photographs that have been printed and then physically manipulated with embroidery – this is a permanent alteration and it cannot be undone without leaving scars. Other works displayed can be UNDONE. They have digital alterations in the form of textured layers. This is not permanent and can be re-worked over and over again, with each one being available to print over and over again. There are textures that are both real and unreal – bi-textural. This is the joy of modern photography, that it can be so many different things other than just a nice picture on a screen”.

Speaking to the artist after the exhibition, Leary explained to me “This was a great opportunity for me to exhibit some of my work in a new surrounding. The development of Marine Point has given New Brighton a real lift, encouraging all walks of life to visit, which in turn lead to a lot of people seeing my work. The feedback has been amazing and has opened up some new opportunities for me, the next one being Knack exhibition by Ninety Squared CIC at the Baltic Social in Liverpool.

I will continue to produce fine art photography, as and when time permits, as I also run a photography business called Birdhouse Photography. I really enjoy capturing people and moments and I am able to do this through my business, but also enjoy the freedom of expression that comes with my personal work.”


When we arrived the photographer was chatting away to her visitors as they ebbed and flowed through the tiny gallery. Explaining her interpretation of the images and how the ideas had evolved into some very interesting pieces.

A small space it may have been, but it filled one of New Brighton’s waterfront venues with some great artistic ideas and images that could quite easily have a future being showcased in any of the mainstream arts venues in Liverpool.

Three pieces from Done/Undone will also appear in the Knack exhibition being held at the Baltic Social in Liverpool, which is being hosted by Ninety Squared CIC. For more  information visit: