Burjesta: The Poisoners Progress

b15Review & Images by The Right Profile Images


Something we had been looking forward to for a while was our visit to Burjesta Theatre. The Poisoners Progress is a story of   “A bittersweet romance of all things sugary…“ to be played out at the Casa Bar where Burjesta are based. Now the Casa Bar itself has a history all of its own that makes it well worth a visit, and is adorned with some stunning photography.

Once settled into the cosy theatre, the play unfolded into a very informative and funny journey through time, showing the conception of our love affair with sugar. Played out as an alternative Christmas pantomime and advent calendar, each scene was given a ” discreetly”  hidden number for the audience to try and spot.

b9The cast opened each window of information and delivered the horror story that is sugar in an accomplished manner. A great performance by the cast and full of laughs along the way. The play was written and directed by Mikyla Durkan, who has undertaken the challenge of a sugar free diet and recently completed 120 days .

You can read the progress of Mikyla here:  The Poisoners Progress 


Burjesta also have a nice looking programme of events coming up next year which can be found at their website Burjesta-theatre

The Poisoners Progress is a J.J.Bond Production.

b7With special thanks to the cast:

Colin Tyrer

Alan Bower

Sarah Tyrer

Giulia Rampone

Christopher Redhead

Eleanor Parry

Amalia Lewis

Adam Byrne

Yahya Baggash