In Pictures: The Critter Shed and Draw + Code at 92 Degrees Coffee

Images by Ryan Garry, words by Sinead Nunes, Editor

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Liverpool’s cool new coffee hang out, it’s the former home of Liverpool Biennial 2014. Recognise it now? The space, stripped and renovated for the festival last year has now been decked out in simple, chic furniture and serves the only coffee in town actually roasted on site!

But enough about the coffee. In a fascinating collaboration, local print collective The Critter Shed have teamed up with the tech gurus at Draw + Code to create a one of a kind exhibition, featuring interactive augmented reality elements.



Sound a bit too techy for you? Don’t fret! The concept is simple: sit back and enjoy the brilliant black and white prints adorning the walls of the cafe, or take it to the next level by viewing the work through one of the team’s specially programmed iPads and watch the magic unfold. When you hold up the iPad (programmed with a unique custom built app) to the work, the image on the screen will start to dance and move, uncovering an extension of The Critter Shed’s animated world.

Watch a video here

This fun, experimental show opened just a couple of weeks ago and offers visitors the chance to engage with a world of ‘A-R’ usually reserved for hackers and tinkerers.

We think you should give it a go.




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