In Pictures: Geoff Owens’ Futuretrospective

Images by Ryan Garry

“I have always had an interest in art since childhood; graduating from drawing with crayons on walls at my parents’ house to what you see in this exhibition.”

Futureretrospective is a collection of “new and not so new work” by Geoff Owens, photographed here by Ryan Garry. Working in a number of styles and a variety of mediums, Owens is drawn towards figurative work and enjoys the challenge of trying to capture a mood or look. Inspired by photography, Owens seeks to interpret the images he captures, and intensify them using everything from simple pencil through to oils.

Friday 7 August – Saturday 3 October 2015
at Rathbone Studio, Birkenhead
Open: Tuesday – Saturday 14.00 – 17.00