In Pictures: External Machines at The Royal Standard

Words by Sinead Nunes, Images by Ryan Garry

The Royal Standard’s latest offering takes as its starting point the building itself, using architectural elements of the gallery and studio spaces to explore form and function, as the artist-led organisation continues to consider its future and investigate possibilities of expansion – we anticipate both physically and artistically.

External Machines features work by Catrin Davies & Lewis Wright, Adam Ferriss, David Frame, Chloe Manasseh and Janneke van Leeuwen, including site specific elements, and varying from large scale installation and sculptural forms to print and photographic works. In seeking to locate where “the contraption, machine and self” can be found aesthetically in any given environment, External Machines considers the innermost workings of objects, exposing their purpose and use.







External Machines is on display until 2 May 2015

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