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Liverpool Book Art Fair: Marilyn Tippett

Marilyn Tippett (North West Book Artists)

Ahead of this weekend’s Liverpool Book Art Fair at Liverpool Central Library we’re bringing you a series of to-the-point interviews with some of the most exciting artists.

Book Art can be an ambiguous term at the best of times, so put simply, we wanted to find out what it means to the artists who make it. This interview, with artist Marilyn Tippett, of North West Book Artists, talks of marriages and access, a perfect summary of what book art means. More importantly though, she sums up exactly what book at means to buyers; an opportunity to buy art that stays with you forever, without braking the bank.

Read her interview here, but more importantly, buy her work for as little as £2 here, on Saturday & Sunday, 8th & 9th of July 2017 :

What is book art for you?

Book Art to me is the means of expressing things otherwise difficult to express. Of giving people easier access to art, in a very tactile way. It is art in a book and the book as art, and I love the marriage of art and craft

Why did you decide to exhibit at Liverpool’s fair?

I have exhibited at Liverpool before with the Marches Book Arts Group, but now support North West Book Artists, a fairly new group based in Liverpool, and this is their first time as exhibitors – very exciting.

What are you bringing to Liverpool Book Art Fair?

A wide range of book art from our members, priced from £2 upwards, so something for everyone! Personally I will be bringing a piece of book sculpture and a book without words amongst others.

Do you ever work outside of the form of books?

I came to book art via printmaking and other visual arts. I still am a printmaker but books are my current favourite form of artistic expression.