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Liverpool Book Art Fair: Anna Yevtukh-Squire

Anna Yevtukh-Squire

Ahead of this weekend’s Liverpool Book Art Fair at Liverpool Central Library we’re bringing you a series of to-the-point interviews with some of the most exciting artists.

Book Art can be an ambiguous term at the best of times, so put simply, we wanted to find out what it means to the artists who make it. Anna Yevtukh-Squire is one of the rare artists working solely through books. Its a shame that book art can be seen as a quick fix, and sometimes misplaced as an experiment, rather than a finished work. Anna Yevtukh-Squire will be at Liverpool Central Library proving, outright, that Book Art is worth a fair all to itself.

Read her interview here, but more importantly, buy her work here, on Saturday & Sunday, 8th & 9th of July 2017 :

What is book art for you?

Book art for me is when book and art merge together. Book is a written or printed word and art appeals to the taste or sense of beauty. Book art can be anything that can still be seen as a written or printed word in a beautiful art form. It doesn’t need all elements of book as covers, pages, spine, endpapers, etc. Book art has an unique soul, it is not a mass production. In an age of mass production, something unique and handmade is to be treasured. Book as Art or Art in the form of a book. And the form of a book can be interpreted so widely that’s why so many artists come into book arts.

I see the book as object of art, 3D sculpture with lots of possibilities to express myself as an artist. I believe a book should not merely be perceived as a means from which to read or write within. I make objects of art, designed from considerable thought and created from passion.

Why did you decide to exhibit at Liverpool’s fair?

I am very passionate about books and book art of course. I believe that computers will never replace real books; that machine will never replace a man (it doesn’t have heart or warm smile); that nothing will replace face-to- face conversation. I love coming to this beautiful city and show my work, talk to people, hear their views, explain my thoughts and promote book art in general. It is a lovely place to be. It is fantastic opportunity to meet other book artists and share ideas as well as sell my work.

What are you bringing to Liverpool Book Art Fair?

Diversity. All the artists at the fair are so different in a way how they interpret book art creating a super multi-talented atmosphere during this event.

Do you ever work outside of the form of books, and if so, how?

I trained as a graphic artist, printmaker and painter but I dedicated last ten years exclusively to book art.