Artists of the Week: Peter Barker & George Lund

Holimagrafik continues at TAG until 28 February 2014

The Statement Of Intestines within the bowels of art,

This is not going to be a load of gobbledegongle

But the Holigramafiks of it are this, the suferpsyclocalisdogiedroop of the epidermasylosis must equal the dicombooberation of the mulitiversal singularity of us all. So therefore within this Solar isotope we know as Bootle, the incubated wisdom manifests uncontrollably in the sense of the Holigramafik quantum field.

The Upper Regions actually correspond with The Lower Regions which entreplocate towards a common ethos.

There is an equlibrium between The Outer Regions and The Inner Regions which poopalapadomic towards a common denominator the end result being don’t coffalopulusbingbong on too much.

Lifes short here’s the Art look around make a start…

unnamed-6George and Peter’s works on show, attempt to describe how the whole emerges from fragmented parts which all have value, however small and irrelevant they may appear. The dimensional aspects of the artwork also form the basis of reality and surreality.  Colour figures strongly in the artworks essence and subject matter. There are elements within the paintings that are representative of many facets reflective of what is and what is not.

Fed up, of this, refreshments are available at the bar.

If you are still here, a-waffling we will go. The art is in the eye of the beholder: I hope you have good eye sight. If not, glasses may be available at the bar. Art for art sake and a bevy for God’s sake. The art evolves into realms and destinies and may be a duplicate of the universe compressed into a minuscule mass. Energy and atoms of the artist and paint secrete prisms and sensations impregnating a holistic globalism finalised embodiment.

That’s it, back to the hootch’s, I’m parched. Whose moved the bar and drunk the drink? Means I’ll have to pop over to the Bootle offy.

T’square this off we hope you enyoy this occasion because if you don’t there is the bar and mine is a quadruple.