Artist of the Week: Wendy Williams

Safe House

I have been working with paper for a few years now, finding the medium useful for several reasons. It is easy to carry, manipulate, its form can be changed, printed on, cut, dissected, but most importantly for me – it is disposable.

I began making work that can be packed up small or even discarded, after being invited to exhibit overseas –   experimenting with smaller works that open up to fill large spaces.

My concern over the environment prompted me to use recycled materials wherever possible.  I mainly use paper that comes from everyday items – magazines, posters etc. Other items used are generally things that I pick up when out walking that I find of interest.

I think of the journey the materials have taken in their life, from their original status to present. Means of transport is a reoccurring theme in much of my work.

A Hundred Miles
A Hundred Miles

I work as a solo artist and as part of the group SCIBase.

I  Co-founded the group Soup Collective (SC) in 2001, working and exhibiting together for many years until the opportunity to collaborative with artists outside the group emerged.

Using this opportunity to explore new ground, I set up a sister group (SCI) and in partnership with Basement Arts project Leeds, SCIBAse was formed.

Exhibiting initially in Leeds and Liverpool, the group began to move further afield – Exhibiting in Tromso Norway 2011, SUPERMARKET, the Stockholm art fair in 2012 and will head to New York in April next year to collaborate with American artists.

There is Another Sky
There is Another Sky

As a solo artist, I am presently exhibiting in Land, Sea, Sky at the Chapel Gallery (until 9 November).  For this I have created a large paper installation : There is another Sky.

The title of this installation is taken from the poem by Emily Dickinson.  I liked the idea of there being an alternative and very optimistic ‘other life’ out there and I’ve taken the title literally.

Last year, I exhibited 300 paper warships based on the book ‘the cruel Sea’, for the Journeys exhibition at the Chapel Gallery, so when I saw the callout for work for the exhibition ‘Land Sea Sky’, I immediately began to think of other means of transport that would fit the brief.

I wanted to explore the sky option – especially after reading Dickinson’s poem. I had exhibited paper planes before, so I wanted something else that was airborne. The hot air balloons seemed a natural choice.

My work can also be seen in the following venues this year:

‘A hundred Miles’ (initially shown at the De Junk recycling exhibition at The Williamson Art gallery earlier this year) will be shown as Part of the Altrincham Arts Festival  17 – 27 October 2013.

Safe House’ will be shown at The Warrington Arts Festival 18 October – 22 November and ‘Trailers’  will be in Clandestine, at the Williamson Tunnels 17 – 27 October .


You can find out more about Wendy here: