Artist of the Week: Kate Bufton

Kate Bufton is an artist who works with books; sculpting and moulding pages to create irresistible pieces of art. Art in Liverpool talked to Kate following her recent exhibition at Central Library.
Art for me has always been something I have enjoyed. After completing my foundation year at college I knew I wanted to study arts at University and undertook a Visual Arts degree.  I graduated in 2010 from Salford University with a first class honors degree, and ever since then I have been exhibiting and selling my work along with teaching my practice to others. I continued to study at Salford University and completed an MA in Creative Education in 2013.  I am currently working as an artist in residence at a local high school whilst also delivering community based arts sessions to local groups.
The Exhibition of Artist Books was inspired by the idea of a book fair in the city; it was an idea brought to life by Simon Ryder. Simon is an avid book collector who travels to many artist book fairs across the UK, but was always missed not having one in his own city. After speaking with Simon about the idea of having a book fair in Liverpool I suggested that the Central Library would be a good location; he agreed, and Simon started planning and organising the two events. What a great place to hold such a unique and interesting event!
For me, books are my favourite medium whether it’s sculpting with the pages of old books or hand making and printing my own. Artist books are a wonderful way to express your creativity and thoughts. I find that sculpting with the pages is incredibly therapeutic; by folding and cutting them the books are transformed from a carrier of text to an object of art. The words can still be read as they twist and turn throughout the sculptural form, yet the abstract stories have to be adapted by the viewer, as they now become the writers of the stories filling in the missing words and characters.
I feel the Liverpool art scene is constantly growing and always has something exciting to deliver. I loved the Book Fair (Central Library, 4 and 5 July) and I delivered a children’s book-based art workshop on the Saturday.
Along with the artist book fair, a collection of my framed compositions was exhibited as part of the Liverpool Contemporary Art Fair at the World Museum.  After the Book Art Exhibition and the Book Fair, I am going to be working towards a new collection of work that will be exhibited and sold at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair later on this year. It is the first time I will be showcasing my work here, and I am really looking forward to it.
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