Artist of the Week: Andrew Morrison

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor

Ahead of the Artist Book Fair taking place this Saturday at Liverpool Central Library, we caught up with book artist Andrew Morrison to discuss his beautiful creations.

Can you introduce yourself and your practice?

I am a Book Artist; I make books that are print-based, often oversized and unwieldy – books that celebrate the physicality of materials and process. For the last ten years I have co-run Two Wood Press which is based in Gloucestershire, we print artists’ books, cards and multiples with letterpress, relief printing of various kinds and screenprinting.

What inspired you to take part in the Artist Book Fair?

I exhibited at last year’s initial fair, because of the organizer’s gentle encouragement! I’ve shown work in Liverpool a number of times before and it’s a city I’m very fond of. Also the library setting is perfect for an Artists’ Book Fair, as we are surrounded by book shelves and book lovers.
Which other artists’ work are you interested in seeing on the day?

There are familiar faces; I always enjoy the beautifully made work of wnicPRESS and Pauline Lamont-Fisher. Lina Avramidou – I’ve not met before but the work I’ve seen looks nicely dark and full of visual invention and wit.

What makes events like this special, as opposed to displaying your work in a traditional gallery setting?

Books are really hard things to exhibit – if you put them in a cabinet in a gallery then no one can read them, turn their pages – they become tame, stranded things. A Book Fair allows art to be handled; there is great delight in watching someone read your book, with obvious pleasure or care, even if you know they are not going to buy. Artists’ Book Fairs seem egalitarian events – the artists are not separate from the public, there are no plinths, no curators, no guards.
What else are you looking forward to in Liverpool for 2015?

I hope to see the Jackson Pollock exhibition at Tate Liverpool, which has just opened in time for the fair. There’s an exhibition called Mappamundi touring Liverpool which I’ll try and catch at the Rotunda; I’m interested in narrative maps and having spent time in Syria before the uprising I’m keen to hear stories from there that are not just those of despair.

You can find out more about Andrew ad his work at, or by visiting the Artist Book Fair, 3 & 4 Jul at Liverpool Central Library – entry is free!


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