Thursday, June 8, 2023
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RESOURCE at Bluecoat now on

RESOURCE at Bluecoat now on.

It comes from the Bluecoat and it also returns to the Bluecoat.

The exhibition was inspired by the 1927 founding manifesto of the Bluecoat which states that the organisation was set up to promote not only the arts, but also the ‘diffusion of useful knowledge’.

The resulting exhibition includes artists whose work suggests or subverts a practical purpose, alongside interventions into the infrastructure of the Bluecoat by publishing collectives and designers. Many of them have made new work for the exhibition utilising the building’s hidden resources – its studios, performance spaces, print rooms and the people who use them – opening up the day-to-day working life of the UK’s oldest arts centre.

Photo: (clockwise from top left) Jonzo ‘The Bluecoat Society of Arts, 1927, 2015’; Laurence Payot ‘Symbiosis: Social Experiments with Living Sculptures’; Daniel Eatock ‘Gallery wall painted with a mix of all the paint leftover from previous exhibitions at the Bluecoat’ & ‘Leftover Paint Canned’; The Piracy Project ‘The Piracy Project Reading Room’.

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