Liverpool: Next Stop New York at View Two Gallery

Liverpool: Next Stop New York at View Two Gallery now on until 31 August.

The Liverpool Next Stop New York exhibition investigates the links between these two famous cities and how this special relationship was enhanced by a love and appreciation of Black American music and culture.

An excellent collection of music-related paintings, photography and sculptures curated by RedHouse Originals at View Two as part of Liverpool International Music Festival. The launch event on Thursday evening was very well attended by musicians and artists, music-lovers and art-lovers.

The series of works by Horace Panter telling the story of some of the Blues greats is particularly interesting. The smaller piece is painted first, often incorporating real items such as a harmonica or the Fender sign from an amp. Then a print is made from this at about twice the size and Horace reworks this, adding more details and references. Prints are then made for sale from the larger piece. This 3-stage process muddys the water (he-he) as to what is the original.

Mike Badger‘s sculptures are always good and his exclusively commissioned piece ‘Atlantic Pendulum’ is no exception. Also there’s an interesting collection of photographs of past music events (such as EarthBeat in Sefton Park in the ’80s) in Liverpool by Mark McNulty and Roger Sinek.

Another new commission is the series of 8 portraits taken by Liverpool-based photographer Robin Clewley and there is a photograph from the L8 Mandela Freedom Festival 1988 courtesy of the International Slavery Museum.


Actually, it’s all good, try not to miss it. See dates and times below.

Liverpool Next Stop New York
Friday 7 – Monday 31 August 2015
Open Friday 7th 12.00 – 17.00, Sat 8th 12.00 – 17.00, Sun  9th 12.00 – 16.00
Then normal opening hours – Fri/Sat 12.00 – 17.00 or by appointment.

Next Stop New York website