Jazamin’s Solo Show at Headspace at Eggspace

Jazamin with her latest work 'Five Alive [1]'

Jazamin’s solo show ‘Errance’ at HeadSpace at EggSpace (The Egg Cafe) runs until 20 September 2015.

‘Errance’ is a large body of work covering every available bit of wallspace in the Egg cafe. Maybe not quite a a retrospective as most of the pieces are no more than two or three years old though there is an amazing large charcoal drawing of a ragdoll by the stairs which is about 20 years old. There are paintings, photographs, drawings and illustrations.¬†Yes, she’s prolific and a busy musician and singer too.

The illustrative paintings are quite recent and are, apparently, semi-autobiographical – she’s led an interesting, exciting and often amusing life has Jazamin since graduating in Fine Art in 2002.

Errance = “travelling about without any clear destination”. Not necessarily a bad thing.

All the works are for sale – very affordable and prints are available.

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'Camping' and 'Birdsong' by Jazamin
‘Camping’ and ‘Birdsong’ by Jazamin