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Wirral Libraries call for contributions for Story Patch

Wirral Libraries have challenged Wirral residents to create something spectacular. If it works, it could be one of the largest community quilts in the world. If it doesn’t, it will have activated a creative spark in those who took part.

The idea, or the challenge, is to present a patch that represents you, your story (or one that’s important to you) on fabric. There are nearly no restraints, rules, limits, to what you can present, and there are workshops throughout June and July to help you bring your vision to life, whatever it might be.

The only restriction in that it must be completed as a 20cm fabric square, with a 0.5cm border by the end of July.

That’s two months. If you’ve never stitched before, it’s a wonderful activation to try needlework, or experiment with felting. And if you’re not a confident sewer, just tell your story in ink.

Over the final two months of the project there are ‘Sewical’ events, where Wirral libraries will support the creation of your quilt patch, and a few independent events at Indigo Café and others that are worth checking out too.

If you want to tell your story, or your Wirral, you can stitch, crochet, draw, paint, print, glue, embroider, or knit, your own fabric patch. Make use of clothes, bedsheets or fabric scraps in your own way, to help build a lasting history of Wirral as it in today.

No materials at home? Then come to one of our ‘sewcials’ where you can use donated material and create in company. If you have material you can donate (especially cotton, fleece or old quilts) and/or equipment like scissors, needles, pins, threads, fabric pens please get in touch via messenger. We would love to hear from you. Email