Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Preview: Ellie Hoskins at Future Walls Gallery

Ellie Hoskins has been everywhere over the last few years, with a major installation at Bluecoat alongside Alevtina Kakhidze, and a solo show at Seel Street’s former Output Gallery.

Her development of self-sustaining working groups for artists has changed their work and boosted the ambition of others at the same time, and then to top it off, there’s the constant, ongoing stream of first-person prose pouring out of her ever-present Instagram.

One recent post, detailing (and titled) ‘why I can no longer go to the Bold Street Greggs’ forms the basis for her upcoming exhibition at Future Walls Gallery, which promises a combination of slapstick millennial nihilism inspired by the absurd inspiration of Greggs and the pub.

I’ve no idea what’s going to be involved in this show, or what its truly about. I just know its partially about Greggs, which probably means it’s worth seeing.

Pastry and Shame is open from 11th June to 18th August at Future Walls Gallery (inside Future Yard)

Join the artist on the 11th, 6:30pm for an opening night featuring performances from Jed Timms, Astles and Dora Colquhoun & Georgie Weston

Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith