DSC_7730 copyFACT have an array of events planned for Light Night, so get involved!
FACT are working with the Liverpool Psych Festival, HIVE and Spitting Cobra on a big outdoor projection called The Bonnacons of Doom. This will be ‘an hour long audio visual improvised performance navigating the edges of sound, noise and light. The Bonnacons will start by using samples and drone alongside projections before building in intensity into a live guitar / drums / vocal sonics and electronics freak out.’
Also, Getintothis presents: Inner Visions in The Box. 6 Liverpool bands will each be presenting one of their videos and one that inspires them or that they just really love. Bands include: Esco WIlliams, Stealing Sheep, Loved Ones, All We Are, Wicked Whispers and Forest Swords.
The Art of Pop Video is open until 22:30 as well and Artr is coming back from Hacky Birthday. Visitors simply log on to factartr.com and draw a shape and then it appears on the wall in a big projected collage of everyone’s drawing.