Experimental Gardening: Orgonite: the Results!
Saturday 5th September 2009. 4pm
St Winnies School, Merton Road, Bootle

Journalist Mark Bennett was invited by Liverpool Biennial to come to Seaforth in May and introduce a national summer gardening trial using the ‘wonder-metal’ Orgonite (which, it is claimed, channels electro-magnetic energy through the soil and promotes plant growth!).  Now the results are in and Mark returns to show and tell us about the results – Have any giant vegetables turned up?

Whether you took part in the Seaforth Summer trial, want to get involved or are simply just interested in some out of the ordinary gardening, come to St Winnies and find out what’s been happening in gardens, allotments and grow bags all over the country!

Refreshments will be served.

For more information, or to book a free ticket call 0845 220 2800 or email canal@biennial.com