EvolveAfter coffee I walked all

After coffee I walked all the way across town to the Hope University Cornerstone building
For the next Biennial in ’06 I’m going to invest in one of those pedometer things to record how far I’ve walked. Must be at least 150 miles over the 10 weeks, why are these leisure pursuits such hard work?
The cornerstone is the old SFX School building, entrance round the back but don’t drive too slow…

This is fun, the gallery is covered in white paper and visitors are invited to draw on it, simple as that. Every so often a section is cut out and displayed in the gallery and replaced with another blank piece. There’s supposed to be drawing materials available, I couldn’t see any but I wasn’t going to partake anyway, I’m such a coward! Don’t expect any masterpieces but there’s some quite skillful, amusing, awful attempts.
This is a Big Draw 2004 event, part of the Campaign for Drawing, must admit, I hadn’t heard of this but think its an excellent idea, you can’t beat good drawing.

Lime St. Station

Returned to the city centre via Lime St. This snap doesn’t do justice to Choi Jeong Hwa’s work called ‘Happy Together’, you need to see them to appreciate how big and bright they are. Much nicer than all the advertising hoardings below them.