The Royal Standard: Life Drawing

The Royal Standard: Life Drawing

The Royal Standard: Life Drawing

Venue: The Royal Standard
Date(s): 4.7.23
Time(s): 18:00 - 19:30

Our first session will be held at TRS on Tuesday 6th June 6-7:30pm

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Life modelling can be a liberating, confidence-boosting & meditative experience for the model, being an integral part of the artmaking process, and an inspiring experience for those drawing them.

We believe that art organisations, like ourselves, should ensure that their resources reflect the full range of backgrounds and perspectives found in our world, and safety and exploration is our highest priority!

TRS is committed to actively improving diversity and equality within our society. We want the diversity of our models and artists to reflect our long-standing beliefs on the importance of celebrating diversity through art. We invite you to come along, and spend an hour and a half of experimentation, skill-sharing and. relaxation with us.

This is a ticketed event to ensure the safety of our models, but we endeavour to make it as accessible for artists as much as we can.