The Atkinson: The Unselfish Selfie

The Atkinson: The Unselfish Selfie

The Atkinson: The Unselfish Selfie

Venue: The Atkinson
Date(s): 8.10.22 - 4.3.23
Time(s): All Day

The Atkinson is working with guest curator and artist Nahem Shoa to present: The Unselfish Selfie.

Alongside historic self-portraits, the exhibition shines a light on self-portraits by contemporary artists, who traditionally have not been given an equal voice and remained largely invisible, particularly women artists and artists of colour.

Throughout the history of art numerous artists have made self-portraits.

Originally many of these represented the artist in the act of painting. They were a means of advertising the artist’s skill.

The Unselfish Selfie charts the development of the self-portrait as a much more expressive medium, employed by artists to explore the human condition, painting themselves with unflattering honesty and creating images that evoke a sense of our shared humanity.

The exhibition is supported by loans from the Ruth Borchard Collection.

Exhibition continues: 8 October 2022 – 4 March 2023