LightNight 2019 – Rotunda: Demolition Memorial Keepsake participation workshop

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    LightNight 2019 – Rotunda: Demolition Memorial Keepsake participation workshop

    Venue: Rotunda
    Dates: 17/05/19
    Times: 16:30 - 18:00

    Light Night: Demolition Memorial Keepsake participation workshop

    Demolition Memorial Keepsake is a participatory project undertaken by Liverpool based artist anti-cool, exploring memory through ritual. This project is commission by Open Culture for LightNight Liverpool and the final outcome will be presented as a multi-screen video installation and series of sculpture pieces on 17th May 2019.

    The first part of the project takes the form of workshops/interactive talks offering participants further opportunities to work with the artist on this project. During the initial interactive talks the artist will explore the idea of special objects of memory, e.g. inherited and sentimental objects, which to the owners, evoke sad or negative feelings. The workshop will also introduce funeral and ceremony practices of various cultures and different countries.

    The workshops set up the opportunity for further involvement in the project which focuses on the ritual/ceremonial cremation of special objects of memory donated by willing participants.

    Who is this workshop for?

    The workshops are open to all communities and generations of Liverpool. We are also interested in those people who may own any special objects of memory they are willing to allow the artist to cremate in a performative work.

    If you are interested

    Please book one of the workshops by contacting Jon Davies via email:

    (If you are under 18 please contact us via your parent or guardian)

    No need to bring anything (free participation) and the workshop will be delivered in a relaxed manner. The workshops will last 90 mins. Please inform us if you require additional assistance while at the venue.