Road Studios: Biennial Fringe 2016: Episode Box Set

Road Studios: Biennial Fringe 2016: Episode Box Set

Road Studios: Biennial Fringe 2016: Episode Box Set

Venue: Road Studios
Date(s): 22.7.16 - 16.10.16
Time(s): 12:00 - 17:00

For specific dates and times of each event, screening, exhibition or episode, please see the list at the end of the page:

Celebrating 2016’s Liverpool Biennial, Road Studios has curated a programme of six “episodes,” welcoming a diversity of artists currently practising in Liverpool.

Episode 1: Captured Moments combines the prodigious talent of Oscar Hou with the seasoned skills of Patrick O’Rourke in this exploration of portraiture and how it relates to the episodic nature of life.

Episode 2: Remnants encapsulates traditions and legacy cascading into distinct chapters. Sophia Kokkinis takes us on a journey of pagan rituals using textiles while Mark Wigan tunes us into a tale of nautical heritage native to Liverpool. Chris Stokes invokes episodic memory, beginning with the family photo album and transforming it, demonstrating the fallibility of recollection.

Episode 3: Gender Dilemmas: negotiating femininity and masculinity in contemporary night life takes art on a different path with a solo exhibition that places sociological and cultural questions into the heart of the artistic community. A university researcher from LJMU, Amanda Marie Atkinson critiques post-feminism and dissects the untold stories of contemporary night life through photography, sculpture and installation.

Episode 4: basements connected is one of various segments of an overall exhibition programme being held throughout Liverpool for the Biennial season. basements connected is a collective of 4 Liverpool-based artists and 10 international guests installing their work in actual basements, breathing life into the unseen parts of the city.

In Episode 5: Sojourn(al), two artists from either side of the Irish Sea, Eimear Kavanagh and Éilis Ní Fhaoláin take their studio exchange as the beginning of a story line by artists at Backwater Artist’s Group, Cork and Road Studios. The results of this “visual fact-finding mission” will culminate in a vibrant pop up show at Road Studios.

Episode 6: Interlocked is a team venture linking key members of three independent, artist-led spaces in Liverpool. Road, Arena and 104 Duke Street Studios have come together to showcase some of the finest talent that resides at the epicentre of the Liverpool art scene, featuring original work by Josie Jenkins, Colette Lilley and Lee Booth.

In addition to the exhibition programme, Road is hosting Deviation: a Surreal Life Drawing Event at various times throughout the Biennial season starting Wednesday 13th July, 7-9pm.
Entry is £8 on the door.

Plus, don’t forget to collect a limited edition issue of Mothman Comic Book Number 4 during its launch night on 16th September from 6pm.

This exciting schedule of events is not to be missed (as it’s not on demand or on catch up!). Keep a look out for all the news on these events on our website:

Episodes 1-6
Opening hours 12-5pm unless indicated otherwise

Episode 1 – Captured Moments
22nd  & 24th July 2016
Opening night Friday 22nd July 6-9pm

Episode 2 – Remnants
5th – 7th August
Opening night Friday 5th August 6-9pm

Episode 3 – Gender Dilemmas in Contemporary Nightlife
26th – 28th August
Opening night Friday 26th August 6-9pm

Episode 4  – basements connected
17th – 25th September – View by appointment
Opening night Friday 16th September 6-9pm
Includes launch of Mothman Comic Book Number 4 – Release Date 16th September

Episode 5 – Sojourn(al)
29th September – 1st October
Opening night Thursday 29th September 6-9pm

Episode 6 – Interlocked
14th – 16th October
Opening night Friday 14th October 6-9pm

Deviation: A Surreal Life Drawing Event
Wednesday 13th July, 7-9pm
Wednesday 17th August, 7-9pm
Wednesday 14th September, 7-9pm
Wednesday 12th October, 7-9pm

Road Studios is an independent collective of artists, photographers, sculptors and designers based in Carlisle Buildings, Victoria Street. It has been established as a creative hub nurturing artistic talent since 2012.