LightNight 2017: Zugzwang

LightNight 2017: Zugzwang
LightNight 2017: Zugzwang

Dates: 19/05/2017
Times: 18:00 - 23:00

18:00 – 23:00 LJMU John Lennon Building
Commissions, Performance

2 Duckinfield St
L3 5RD

0151 231 2121

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A continuously evolving large-scale audiovisual performance exploring the connection between unconscious behaviour and the space in which these bodies reside: connecting a number of participants to generate new forms of communication, blur the roles of artist and audience and find ways to pull apart our interdependences.

This work builds on previous experiment ‘neu collective consciousness’ , where participants’ biometric information was used as triggers to generate audiovisual environments.

In this system, participants have a degree of passive authorship; blurring the roles of artist and audience. Acting as conductors, participants influence the biometric data generated by others, with the level of authority varying between participants and audience by changing the control each has over the output over the combined data of the group. This changing hierarchy helps glean a greater understanding of the unfathomable effect of time on our decisions and choices.

Takes place in the Johnson Foundation Auditorium.