LightNight 2017: Every Second of Every Day

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    LightNight 2017: Every Second of Every Day

    Dates: 19/05/17
    Times: 18:00 - 22:00

    18:00 – 22:00 Liverpool Medical Institution

    114 Mount Pleasant
    L3 5SR

    0151 709 9125

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    Artist Stephanie Kuebler-Preston has created a trilogy of glass human hearts, filled with electrified glowing noble gases; one heart a blue glowing argon, the second red glowing neon, and the third sculpted from driftwood.

    The heartbeat represents the passing of time. Each heartbeat begins with a single, electrical impulse, or spark: the distinctive sound we hear through a stethoscope, or when we place our head on a loved one’s chest, is the sound of the heart valves opening and closing in perfect synchronicity with each other. It is a two-part rhythm – a delicate dance of systole and diastole, propelling the heart’s electrically charged particles through its chambers every second of the day, every day of our lives.

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