IB18: ZiZi’s Deli: So’Maal: Wonders of the World

IB18: ZiZi's Deli: So’Maal: Wonders of the World

IB18: ZiZi’s Deli: So’Maal: Wonders of the World

Venue: ZiZi's Deli
Date(s): 21.7.18
Time(s): 14:00 - 16:00

So’Maal: Wonders of the World (poetry open mic, Zizi’s Deli)

2-4pm, 21st July

Everyone is welcome to come and share their poetic words on the theme of ‘Wonders of the World’ on Saturday 21st July between 2 and 4pm at Zizi’s Deli on Lawrence Road in Wavertree. Whether it’s the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Gorms of Crosby Beach or your favourite spot in Sefton Park, pop down to share your sweet spots and contribute to the wonder.

‘So’Maal’ is a regular poetry event held at Zizi’s Deli on Lawrence Road in Wavertree. It brings together people of all ages and backgrounds within and beyond the local community.

Compered by Ali Harwood, this family-friendly poetry gathering began recently in the amiable surroundings of Zizi’s Deli on Lawrence Road in Wavertree. At the end of last year, Fifi from the cafe and Ali chatted together and the idea of So’Maal was soon born. So’Maal means ‘milk the camel’ in Somali. The camel is both an important asset and symbol in Somali culture. We encourage writers and poets of the present and the future to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences.

So far, we’ve enjoyed hosting events including ones focused on Love, Friends and Family and Food and Drink. Every event has its own flavour and it’s always stimulating, moving and fun.

Poet and artist Ali says, ‘We’re looking forward to hearing your wonderful words. So’Maal has already welcomed performances from many well-known local poets including Jimmy Bongo, Aaron Murdoch and Amina Atiq. We’ve had first-timers from the age of five to well over fifty-five and can’t wait to see who brings their words to the mix in July. If you’ve never shared your words to an audience but have that itch to scratch, here’s your opportunity.’


Ali  Harwood is an artist, poet, writer and teacher. He searches for the places where myths become real. Ali’s art appears from the walls of Jamaica Street to the screens of the Queen Elizabeth Hall; his poetry travels from the dance of kathak and its illuminating power to hosting the monthly Liver Bards event; he writes of dragons and stonecutters for all who are young at heart; and he teaches in home and schools by listening for where to start.