IB18: George Henry Lee’s Building: Angelo Madonna: JUGGLERS

IB18: George Henry Lee's Building: Angelo Madonna: JUGGLERS

IB18: George Henry Lee’s Building: Angelo Madonna: JUGGLERS

Venue: George Henry Lee's
Date(s): 4.8.18 - 25.8.18
Time(s): 11:00 - 17:00

Angelo Madonna


(Launching on Saturday, 11th August, 1-5pm, with performances inspired by the work by Silvia Battista)

Jugglers is a kinetic sculpture by Italian artist Angelo Madonna for the Independents Biennial 2018.

It consists of an elegant pair of motorised structures delicately balancing two plastic drinking cups, whose carefully synchronised movement resonates to fill the space with the distinctive sound produced by the sculpture itself.

This installation is part of an ongoing research project around the concept and practice of Emotional Minimalism, an idea Madonna has coined to describe his working method that brings together sculpture, design, community projects and DIY electronic music in ways that are both minimal and affective.

‘This piece is effectively a conversation between two non-human entities, a non-verbal dialogue taking place between automata. It is a piece that plays with the theatrical potentiality of objects to perform a drama without human characters’.

Originally from Ruffano in southern Italy, Madonna lives and works in Liverpool. He studied sculpture at the Camberwell College of Art and has worked professionally in the UK for twenty years as an artist and educator. He is a member of The Well artist studios in Liverpool and a full-time collaborator with Urban Workbench, a Nomadic Learning Hub.

Madonna is presenting this work for the Independents Biennial 2018 as part of the new artists’ collective Material Matters founded earlier this year. It consists of a curated series of exhibitions divided into ‘Acts’ in which a small group artists explore how the most
unpredictable and challenging art can emerge out of a direct and physical engagement with materials.

Jugglers will be the first in a new series of projects called ‘TEST!’ a free laboratory where artists and performers can try out new work in front of a supportive live audience, take risks and push the boundaries of their practice and performance.


Angelo Madonna, Jugglers. 2018

Wood stand, electric motor, metal wire, plastic glass
Series of 2

H: 2000mm W: 15mm D: 15mm