FACT: Johnno’s Dead Screening plus Chris Shepherd’s Liverpool Films

FACT: Johnno's Dead Screening plus Chris Shepherd's Liverpool Films
FACT: Johnno’s Dead Screening plus Chris Shepherd’s Liverpool Films

Venue: FACT
Dates: 11/01/2017
Times: 18:30 - 21:30

A special screeing of Chris Shepherd’s new award winning film Johnno’s Dead. The film is the winner of Best British Film at the London International Animation Festival.

Check Chris’s blog or the festivals websites for full details. RSVP by registering for a ticket using eventbrite here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/johnnos-dead-screening-plus-chris-shepherds-liverpool-films-tickets-30342624607

starring Ian Hart and Chris Freeney.

An Autour de Minuit presents in co-production with Polkadot with the participation of Arte France, with the support of the CNC and the Region Auvergne with the support of Procirep Angoa and the participation of Metal.




Starring Ian Hart,
with Chris Freeney, Dave Kent, Milo Quinton, Paul Endacott, Otis Waby, Sean Bell, Theo Franklinos, Aaron Lucas, Toby Crowley, Jamie Jenkins, Trudi Jackson, Michael Dixon, Robert Shepherd, Luna Rose Sarafoglou, Jo Kynaston, Bethany Godfrey, James, Atherton, Katie Ellen-Jone, Nathan Turner.

Producer – Nicolas Schmerkin. UK Producer – Abigail Addison and Chris Shepherd. Cinematography – Peter Ellmore and Paul Teverini. Sound – Andy Humphreys. Editor – Miikka Leskinen.Casting – Lin Cordoray. Music – Oliver Davis.