Convenience Gallery: ‘On The Waltzers’ by EllSQUARED

Convenience Gallery: ‘On The Waltzers’ by EllSQUARED

Convenience Gallery: ‘On The Waltzers’ by EllSQUARED

Venue: Convenience Grange Precinct Pop Up
Date(s): 5.4.24
Time(s): 10:00 - 16:00

“‘On The Waltzers’, an interactive and immersive arts installation created by artist and curator duo ELLSQUARED that will open Convenience Gallery’s 2024 TTITG program.
The artists evoke nostalgia for the British everyday experience, from a mini golf course, now to a fun fair. The viewers are invited to participate in a series of classic fair games for the chance to win hand-crafted prizes made by the artists with the intention of exploring how exhibitions can be more accessible and how  the audience can obtain artwork through play.
From tufted teddy bears to felt cigarettes, a homage to Hull Fair, ‘On The Waltzers’  implores the viewer to not only engage with the installation but to become a part of the work itself.

This is ELLSQUARED’s first exhibition of 2024 and will once again subvert the white cube gallery experience and how a sense of levity and tongue-in-cheek approach to their respective practices elevate not only the craft and ‘everyday’ dialogue they hold dearly, but also what is considered high and low art and how they play with the viewer within their work.”

This Exhibition is part of our new Arts and culture programme: ‘The Town Is The Gallery’

The Town is the Gallery (TTITG) is Convenience Gallery’s new programme of arts and culture. This is the first in a series of programmes which will take place across Birkenhead and Wirral between March and August.

TTITG programme will feature artists, artworks, socials, parties, electronic music, workshops, and so much more.

All the artists involved are paid artist fair pay, and all Town is the Gallery key events are free to take part in. This Project is a part of the Wirral Borough of Culture 2024.

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