Cass Art: The House in the woods

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    Cass Art: The House in the woods

    Venue: Cass Art
    Dates: 29/01/18 - 25/02/18
    Times: All Day

    The House in the woods

    An exhibition of work by Wendy Williams

    Cass Art, School Lane, Liverpool.  29 January – 25 February 2018

    This exhibition brings a return to painting for installation artist Wendy Williams. At first glance, it seems quite a leap from her ‘usual’ method of working with recycled materials, but the underlying theme or motive– the concern for the environment,. is still there.

    Although the medium has changed, the reoccurring images of solitary houses, which appear many times in her earlier work, shows up again in this series of paintings and prints.

    The house symbolises a refuge from the changing and sometimes brutal forces of nature.

    Wendy Williams 

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