Bluecoat: Louisa Martin

Bluecoat: Louisa Martin Bluecoat: Louisa Martin

Venue: Bluecoat
Dates: 06/05/2017 - 24/06/2017
Times: All Day

British artist Louisa Martin presents a new installation supported by The Elephant Trust in Bluecoat’s first floor gallery. The artist shares Larissa Sansour’s interest in research and inter-disciplinary based practices.

The project follows two years of research and studio development into atypical modes of perception, exploring the deep-seated connection between the mind and the sense organs of the body. The work will extend the new sculptural techniques first developed for work shown at Cubitt, London in 2016, which featured edge-lit perspex and glass, metalwork, light and sound. The focus of the Bluecoat solo exhibition would expand on research into ‘the pataphysics’ or the science of imaginary solutions.

Image 1: Technical Rehearsal for a Lossless Body, 2016, Louisa Martin, installation view, Cubitt Gallery, London 2016. Photography by Mark Blower, courtesy of Cubitt Artists