Arena Studios & Gallery: Polarity

    Location (with MAP): Arena Studios & Gallery
    Date/Time: 20 August 2015. 6:00pm - 9:00pm
    Event: Exhibition - Arena Studios & Gallery: Polarity
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    Polarity by Matthew Mortimer and Gabriella Warren-Smith
    Thursday 20 August 2015
    18.00 – 21.00
    The formation of a group exhibition revolves around a central theme in which each artist responds to according to their own personal practice and interests. The curator will then unify these works in an exhibition where they will communicate together a map of underlying meanings and threads that work in unison to clarify their individual thoughts into an exhibition.

    When Matt and Gabriella came together, they experienced this process in which they sought to find a balance between their two very different styles and subject matters, and went through a wide exploration of their contrasting techniques, hoping to reach this clarity. The emerging theme was in fact the commentary that arose from their difference in technique, and so they created work that analysed their individual styles and how they both can contrast and compliment each other.