18th June 2011, 20.00-01.00 at CUC Liverpool. ThresholdLite Vol. 2
After successful collaborations with Look11 International Photography Festival, Light Night & Liverpool For Japan, Threshold Festival at CUC Liverpool introduces the second & most worrying of its monthly illegitimate children:

The Roost
Organ Freeman
Clare Welles
Statement Haircut vs Guillotines
Dj Phil Bakstad

Cuc Liverpool
41-51 Greenland Street
L1 0BS,
£3 suggested donation

The Roost
Inspired by relational art, The Roost combine music, spoken word, performance art and visual art to create one off events with a themed social context.

ThresholdLite Vol. 2
Influenced by a whole rainforest’s worth of trashy magazines and tabloid press, The Roost bring you an interactive testbed of meaningless pop-psychology, free makeovers and great pop music. Find the real you (under a thick coating of orange foundation), find your soul mate and find your personal info shared without permission.

Organ Freeman
An extreme pop band from the Wirral peninsula. The length 3 young men will go to to prove their love for the past and the present pop chart is unbelievable. Often dubbed ‘karateoke’ or ‘scareoke’ for reasons you could only understand from seeing the ridiculous antics of this band live.

Claire Welles
Ageing DIY pop layabout Claire Welles plays all the hits, no jackets required

statement haircut vs. Guillotines
Statements go head to head with Guillotines in a ‘one off/synth off/wax on/wax off ‘ not to be missed!

Phil Bakstad –
Phil started DJing aged 19 in the Krazy House. He’s since played all over Liverpool and the UK, supporting Zane Lowe amongst others and in 2007 won The BBC6 Music Virtual Tour DJ competition, despite still not being very good.

“In running The Roost nights, we’ve really tried to give the audience a unique experience, but we’ve never been given the green light to go for the gutter before, it’s going to be fun!” – Mikey Stevenson, The Roost.

“ThresholdLite is all about giving artists like The Roost a platform to experiment and showcase. We are very excited to invite The Roost back to CUC Liverpool, at Threshold Festival in February, they created one of the most exciting and innovative installations we’ve seen in a long time and this new venture looks set to top it.” – Chris Carney, ThresholdLite Artistic Director.