EVENT: Catherine Bourne Open Studio event

catherine-bourneWEDNESDAY 15 December 2010, 18.00 – 20.00 at Static Gallery
Liverpool Biennial would like to welcome our current Australian residency artist Catherine Bourne to the city with an open studio event/ mince pie and mulled wine social. Catherine, from Melbourne, is hosted by Liverpool Biennial for 3 months undertaking a residency funded by the Australia Arts Council, and is based in Static studios.

Catherine’s photographic and film work, in the styles of early twentieth century documentary portraiture and Occult Photography, incorporates monstrous or hybrid bodily grotesques who inhabit impenetrable spaces. The works are concerned with the visceral response of the spectator, by using the implication of uncontrolled movement in still imagery and experimenting with jerky, unnatural movement in film she undermines the assumption of physical containment within the tradition of portraiture, and implies both a physical and psychological undoing and/or transformation into the unknowable

Join us for a evening of mulled wine, disastrously home made mince pies, cheap Christmas crackers and unadulterated festive joy…..

For any more information please contact hannah@biennial.com