Even as I write this I am trying to watch the live streaming of this Splice Live / Talkaoke event.
Splice Live
But there’s nowt appearing yet. Its supposed to feature Bill Drummond hosting an auction in the portacabin / community centre in Sheil Park.
And don’t say I should get off my backside and go and see it live, I’ve been out all day researching other stuff on your behalf (see later posts) and its me Tea Time! I’ve got one hand on the laptop and the other is stirring my risotto. And, anyway, webcasts are more interesting, partly because they very rarely work properly (or at all). Also, I grew up in the Sheil Park area and not sure I ever want to go back there! Drat it, my risotto’s sticking, must go.
Update at 20.20: Never did see anything, shame. I hope the event itself went ok.