Ive-grown-up-with-it-100WEDNESDAY 7 July 2010 19.00 – 21.00 at The Chapel Gallery
Event ‘Lifting the Lid’ – an engaging discussion with the artist
Debra Budenberg coincides with I’ve Grown Up With It exhibition. With echoes of home and family, artist Debra Budenberg creates an environment that questions our sense of space and the passage of time. Our role as viewer, voyeur and participant is considered as we are encouraged to contemplate the space, the work itself and the experience of family life that unfolds before us.

Artist Debra Budenberg will be at home in the gallery to share in conversations with those who would like to discuss the work between 11am and 2pm, on the 17, 24 June, and 1 July.

Lifting the Lid:

An engaging discussion with the artist Debra Budenberg from 7pm – 9pm on Wednesday 7,14 July.

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Debra Budenberg