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Liverpool Fireworks January 2007 - Part 1

Liverpool New Years Eve Fireworks 2006 were postponed until Friday January 5 2007 because of bad weather.

This is not the whole display - it was 20 minutes long and well worth the 6 day wait. The light show was especially good.
Here's some of the early part. (Part 2 is here)


Fantastic vid and out so soon!

fireworks were fantastic and well worth waiting for and sound track was sensational. Could any one tell me the title and artist of the song which went, sh, sh, sh as I recognise it but cannot place it. Thanks

Hi Rebecca,
Yes it Bjork - 'Its Oh So Quiet'

Link to lyrics

Thanks Kev. Was determined to get the exclusive!

It's beautiful.
Thanks a lot. I'll let this know to other Scouse friends.

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