31 May – 1 June

Conflux is delighted to present its new street theatre shows from this year’s international residency programme.

Starting from midday outside Lloyds bank in Church Street…

The Tip – Three half-hour performances at: 12.00, 13.30, 15.30

It’s time to say goodbye… Waste-deep in a rubble heap of nostalgia, a woman sorts through the myriad broken promises of a life turned to trash. A petrified houseplant, a bin bag of dirty knickers, 100 crumpled copies of Great Expectations. A giant tip provides the arena
for an existential battle of epic proportions. It’ll be some scrap…

The Hoods – Walkabout performances between 12.45-13.30, 14.15-15.00, 15.15-16.00

Connect with the beautiful side of ugly as The Hoods celebrate the streets. Come walkabout with society’s misunderstood as they turn
their social stereotype on its head. Let loose as they explore their only goal, to make you smile.

“Dancing Graffiti” – There’s Always a Wall – 21.30 and 22.15 at the Ropewalks outside FACT…

What is behind the walls we are facing every day? The playful story follows up the personal evolution of a character from her birth,
through her fights, till she finds her power. An interdisciplinary performance about the roles of private, public and inner walls combining digital graffiti and dance.