Staacks: Colours that Sing

Staacks: Colours that Sing 2 - 30 April Viewing: 5 April 19:30 Stripped of anatomy - figures sit effortlessly between representation and abstraction. Distorted yet solid geometry...
Staccks - Colour Jamboree

Staacks: Colour Jamboree

Colour Jamboree - A collection of work by 9 artists: John Hall, Anne Knight, Joanna Allen, Shona Wallace, Tracey Nichols, Ginny Margerison, Sherilyn Halligan, Elaine Adams, Christine Holme
Ronnie Drillsma

Staacks: Edges of Gold by Ronnie Drillsma

Tuesday 3 May - Monday 30 May 2016. "As I continue to develop my painting style, it becomes clear to me that this journey has no end. The techniques I use continue to baffle, frustrate, delight and inspire...using a roller instead of a paintbrush creates its own dilemma!"
Elaine Adams, Light & Land at Staacks

Staacks: Light and Land by Elaine Adams

Tuesday 1 March - Wednesday 30 March 2016. "This body of work, ‘Light and Land’, draws on the moorland and coastal areas around Britain and emphasizes the consequences of varying light" - Elaine Adams
Christine Holmes at Staacks

Staacks: Estuary Light by Christine Holmes

Friday 1 April - Saturday 30 April 2016. Estuary Light by Christine Holmes. An exhibition of mainly watercolours of the Wirral coast.