christmas at editions

Editions Ltd: Christmas at Editions

Friday 4 - Thursday 24 December 2015. Christmas at Editions. Featuring: Joel Penkman, Steve Talbot, Pauline Hughes, Paul Romano, Tony Wells, Jewellery by Anjo, Sue Stevens, Fred Jones
Clare Flinn

Editions Ltd: Cityscape to Landscape – Clare Flinn

Friday 29 January - Saturday 27 February 2016. Clare's subject matter changes from portraiture to landscape to the city and buildings that are full of history. However, her preoccupations as a painter remain constant and are to do with light and colour, texture and surface marks.
Peter Cameron 2016

Editions Ltd: Somebody… Somewhere – Peter Cameron

Thursday 7 April 2016 - Saturday 7 May 2016. Working in pastel, he captures the vibrancy and eccentricity of his subjects in a blur of movement and colour. Dancers and musicians, as usual, feature as the main characters, placed in Liverpool locations with the occasional sinister visitor.

Editions Ltd: The Liverpool Open 2016

Friday 13 May - Saturday 18 June 2016. We have selected work that demonstrates technical excellence and pieces that are challenging in their subject matter. We think the selection is a true representation of the talented artists working on Merseyside
Gwilym Hughes at Editions Ltd

Editions Ltd: Making marks by hand – Gwilym Hughes

Friday 4 March - Saturday 2 April 2016. "Drawing is the main focus of my work. My subject is human character – sometimes directly observed but often filtered through history, cliche and projection – I am interested in the things in the head of the viewer, which are not necessarily attributes of the subject."

Editions: Karolina Borchardt Exhibition Supporting Autism Together

Friday 20 - Saturday 21 November 2015. Karolina Borchardt - Short exhibition with the sales proceeds donated to Autism Together (formerly Wirral Autistic Society).